New Episode: The NFL’s Northern Exposure

 Week 2 of our NFL season preview has us knee deep in the AFC and NFC North. Will the Browns win a game? Is “Average Joe” done in Baltimore? Aaron Rodgers returns to the NFL, will Lions, Vikings, or Bears stand in his way to the Super Bowl?

  • NFL SEASON PREVIEW BEGINS! NFC and AFC West: You want the answers, and we’ve got them! Will the Rams reign? Do the Chiefs have a chance? Why’d they bring Gruden back to the Raiders? All this and more!

  • All-Star week is over — but we’re still talking about it! We recap the aftermath of the All-Star Games, both normal and Enhanced, and discuss the second half of the MLB Season. Manny Machado moves
  • Featuring some of the games strongest, fastest, and greatest players of all time, this All Star game is unlike any game you’ve heard before! Sit back and enjoy some baseball with Uncovering Sports!

  • It’s time to announce the final picks for the Enhanced All Star Game — who made the cut? Plus, Mike Trout, Yankees/Sox, The Mariners and more on our mid-season baseball recap!

  • We didn’t think they’d do it, but they did: LeBron is an LA Laker. This means the Eastern Conference is WIDE OPEN and we’ve got some ideas on who will rise next season. Spoiler: We know who wins the 2019 NBA Finals!