NFL Accidentally Leaks Super Bowl Matchup

The NFL made a major gaffe yesterday, as a Super Bowl graphic was released on Facebook featuring The New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and Case Keenum of the Minnesota Vikings.  A source close to the situation said that the graphic was supposed to be post on Sunday as soon as the Vikings game came to a close, and another image was supposed to be used for the advert in its place. The NFL is usually quite good at preventing leaks and spoilers for its games, especially ones as high profile as the games this weekend. A source close to the situation said an investigation is ongoing, as the League takes these leaks seriously. To many fans, “it’s still real, dammit!” and leaks like these can cause those fans to question that narrative.

While causing shock, confusion, and outrage to casual fans of the sport, especially among Eagles fans who have had the outcome of the game spoiled for them (and their weekend ruined early), the image comes as no surprise to us or listeners of our show, as we already spoiled and discussed the outcome of this weekend on this week’s show .

It will be interesting to see how the NFL handles this going forward. In the past, leaks about a games outcome have often caused the NFL to pull a swerve – changing the outcome of a game – to try to protect the legitimacy of the sport. Seeing as they have already deviated from their original plan for the weekend by putting the Jags over the Steelers last week, a change now would be unlikely. Further complicating the matter this late in January is that Super Bowl prep has begun on US Bank Stadium in Minnesota, including appropriate Vikings and Patriots end-zone decoration.

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