The XFL is Back, and We Are Ready!

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that he is restarting the XFL after a 17 year hiatus. The XFL is set to resume play in 2020 following a two year planning cycle. At this time, a lot of details are scarce. We do know that it will be an 8 team league, with seasons starting in February (presumably just after the NFL’s Super Bowl). McMahon suggested that games are expected to be shorter, faster, and more exciting than other football leagues. We’re expecting some signature McMahon drama as well.

We probably could have learned more about the new venture at the press conference today, but many of the questions were focused on whether or not there would be specific rules regarding whether or not players would be required to stand during the playing of the National Anthem. Savvy fans will note that this has nothing to do with the game of football, and only served as a distraction to the press conference. Huh, haven’t heard that one before.

Uncovering Sports will cover any and all XFL related developments as they happen as we approach kickoff in 2020!

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