Brady Sleeps on Hand, Listed as Questionable

New England Patriots fans and their star quarterback Tom Brady woke up to more unfortunate injury news Friday morning – literally.

The Patriots star was rushed to a local medical facility early Friday morning after reports that he slept awkwardly on his recently injured throwing hand. Team doctors met with the local medical staff to assess the extent of their quarterback’s injury. According to one doctor, Brady complained that his wrist was “very sore” and that he was “feeling this funny tingling sensation” throughout his hand.

The Patriots have been in Minneapolis since Monday and held practices all week. Brady has been present, and has been wearing a glove on his injured hand so as to draw as much attention to it has humanly possible. Brady’s hand was featured heavily in the AFC championship game against Jacksonville, where it appeared stitched and bandaged after a gruesome injury sustained during practice.

Patriots trainers and coaching staff are proceeding very carefully after this setback, and Brady is officially listed as Questionable heading into the weekend. If Brady is unable to go on Sunday, Brian Hoyer would be tasked with trying not to lose the game, while Jimmy Garappolo watches from the comfort of his spacious living room in San Francisco.

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