Favre Set to Huddle with Eagles

As you may have heard, Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson has called in longtime friend Brett Favre to speak to his team prior to Sunday’s Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.

Favre was described to be ‘ecstatic’ after hanging up the phone.

“I’m in the best shape of my life,” Favre declared. It is unclear why that matters when all he will be doing is giving a speech to the team.

It’s a good move by Pederson. He coaches a team that has very little experience in the postseason, with an offense headed by a backup quarterback playing in the biggest game of his life. Bringing in one of the all-time great quarterbacks with Super Bowl experience can only help. Favre can provide insight into what to expect before and during the game. That type of advice could prove to be priceless for the underdogs.

When asked what he planned to say to the Eagles players, Favre answered a question with another question. “Do you think they’ll have a playbook ready for me when I get there? If not, I’m not wingin’ it.”

Oh boy.

“That kickers gonna have to change his number.”

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