Wilson Trade Sets Up Spring Training Showdown

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has been acquired by the MLB’s New York Yankees, per league sources.

News broke earlier this month that New York’s other baseball franchise, the NL’s Mets, would be bringing former NFL Superstar Tim Tebow to Spring Training in his home state of Florida this season. As reported on the Uncovering Sports podcast, this move was done to generate further excitement around Florida’s Grapefruit League. As spring training becomes an increasingly profitable part of MLB’s yearly schedule, more and more pressure is on the league to provide enticing games, marquee matchups, and special attractions. Turns out Tebow was just the first part of this years plan.

With the Yankees acquisition of Russell Wilson, the MLB has set up one of the main events this spring! The Mets and Yankees are set to square off March 7th, and you can bet Russell Wilson and Tim Tebow will be in their respective lineups. A matchup on the baseball field between two football stars? If that doesn’t say money, we don’t know what does!

Now, where are the Red Sox on signing Tom Brady?

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