Colts Offseason Documentary Goes Straight to DVD

One of the biggest storylines of the year has wrapped up, and thankfully for us, the whole process was documented.

Yes, the Indianapolis Colts have finally found their head coach. Johnny Jones of North Central High School has agreed to coach the team during the 2018 season. Opting not to wait for Hard Knocks to document their offseason, the Colts front office recorded every step of the process for the new documentary, Just My Luck.

The film will cover the whole coach search, from parting ways with Chuck Pagano, to the minor miscommunication, all the way to finding their guy.

Jones, the current backup quarterback for his high school team, brings experience in the film room and a killer work ethic to the table. As a relative unknown in coaching circles, or football circles for that matter, Jones will certainly have pressure on him to succeed.

“Frankly, he’s all we could find,” said one member of the Colts front office when asked about the difficulty of luring a coach to Indianapolis. “We may just have the next Hue Jackson on our hands.” Lofty goals. Stability at head coach is any team’s dream.

Jones has selected former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich to stand in for him when he is unable to switch shifts at Best Buy.

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