Really Should Have Seen This Coming

Stop me if you’ve heard this one!

A Russian athlete has tested positive for performance enhancing drugs at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Yes, again.

Bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva is the guilty party this time around. This is now the second time this Olympic season that a Russian performer has tested positive. You’re familiar with Russia, right? The country banned from the Olympics for a doping scandal. It seems the fact that the entertainers themselves were the ones actually taking the drugs was ignored. Well, it’s hard to ignore that now!

Despite publicly flaunting that she is against doping, Sergeeva got busted. Are the Olympic Athletes from Russia just trolling us all at this point? It’s possible. However, it’s also possible allowing known PED users to perform under their own banner was totally pointless. Nothing more than a political slap on the wrist.

Either way, it’s a shame that bobsledding was a victim here. A sport that has inspired us all at one point in our lives. Everyone has seen Cool Runnings, right?

What would Sanka think about this?

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