The Short Porch: Way Too Early Predictions

I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don’t think about it is when I’m playing it.

Carl Yastrzemski

We have had one full week of baseball games. Sure, its spring training and there are still players on the free agent market that could impact the right clubs when/if they are signed and many other variables that could come into play that will totally change that landscape of the season. But I can’t wait, I must make some bold predictions that will either make me look like a genius when they come true, or… well it was just too early in the season to make such bold predictions, no fault to me.  Convenient how that works. Some awards seem like they were made for a specific player every year (Mike Trout I see you) which will make those predictions a little less bold and more of a no brainer.  Others are up for grabs to any and everyone that wants it bad enough.  Here are some predictions that will make this season one to watch.

  • Mike Trout will win the A.L. MVP (shoot, I will pencil him in for 2019 as well).
  • Bryce Harper will win N.L. MVP by a tie breaker based on number of hair-flips-per-9.
  • The Braves will be singing Acuna-Matata when Ronald Acuna wins N.L. Rookie of the Year.
  • Shohei Ohtani will win A.L. Rookie of the Year and Cy Young, revolutionizing the way the game is played as two-way players will become more common.
  • Clayton Kershaw will win N.L. Cy Young award dominating once again cementing his place as one of the best regular season pitchers.
  • The Seattle Mariners will end the longest playoff drought of any sport by winning a Wild Card spot.
  • Tom Brady will be discovered relaying signs to the Red Sox dugout. Cheaters gonna cheat.
  • Madison Bumgarner and Charlie Blackmon will compete against each other to see who can chop down the most trees during a rain delay, leaving mass bald spots in the Rockies.
  • Yankees, Indians, Astros and Mariners will be in the A.L. Playoffs.
  • Nationals, Brewers, Dodgers, and Cubs will be in the N.L. Playoffs.
  • Indians beat Nationals in the World Series in 6 games, giving Cleveland their first baseball title since 1948.

With the season opener a little less than a month away I am confident these predictions will hold true and at the end of the season you will all think I can see the future. I assure you that if I could see into the future, I would have won the lottery fifteen times by now and have enough money to buy a team.  Bold predictions and MLB video games will have to get me by. Play ball.


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