Surprise Entrant Bids for XFL Team

As the return of the XFL approaches, cities from all over are trying to get in on the action. Major cities from around the country with strong sports backgrounds such as Boston and Los Angeles are sure to get consideration, but a surprising name has emerged as a potential landing spot for an XFL franchise.

Parts Unknown.

The location is known for its rich sports entertainment talent pool. It has produced names like the Ultimate Warrior and Kane, both of whom thrived under XFL owner Vince McMahon in the past.

Still, despite the homegrown talent, Parts Unknown has never even hosted a sporting event before. One major obstacle is where they would play. Getting approval to build a new stadium seems unlikely given the lack of government, funds, and resources. They could play every game on the road, but that defeats the purpose of having a team. A potential rivalry with Dudleyville would be hard to pass up though.

For now, we’ll label this one a longshot. This is a small market and the competition to get a team will be fierce. Still, you can never rule anything out in the XFL!

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