The Short Porch: Time to Recognize

I watch a lot of baseball on radio. — Gerald Ford

Baseball players are paid very well to play a game and they get vast amounts of recognition being that they are the ones in the highlights every night.  The press (people like me) write articles proclaiming one player or another is the “next big thing” or the reincarnation of a player from history. Plenty of attention is paid, rightfully so, to the accomplishments and achievements that are produced on the field. But just like in life, there are the “little” people behind the scenes that keep the machine rolling. Here’s to the unsung heroes behind the scenes.

Beer Vendor Guy: You have such an important job, maybe the most important. I do not wish to get up from my seat to purchase a beer, you solve my dilemma and for that I am forever grateful.  Just not enough for a tip, but a smile is just as good.  You run up stairs and back down again yelling the same 3 words on repeat over and over reminding us all that you have the beer that we want.

Concession Stand Worker: You are what high school cafeteria workers aspire to become. You have made it to the big leagues, the years of training dealing with teenagers has prepared you for the three hours you will be expected to deal with drunk adults that act like children.  Sure, I have had over 10 minutes in line to look at the menu and select an item, but I will not make up my mind until 3 minutes after I have reached the counter.  You must have the patience of a saint.

Security Guard: Having your back turned to the action all game to watch drunken fans make utter fools of themselves, takes dedication to your craft.  Knowing that, if even for a moment, you take your eyes off the stands, it will be when someone tries to run onto the field. You guard the security of the players, Umps, the coaches and staff, and the most underrated people at the ballpark… Grounds Crew.

Grounds Crew: You are more than tarp and rake duty. You repair divots and mound grooves, you chalk the line straight to ensure everyone will know if the ball was fair or not, and well… yeah, you run a big tarp across the diamond when rain happens. You were the kid that never had to be asked to mow the lawn twice. When fans arrive in the park they are greeted with your handiwork and stand amazed at the pristine grass and perfectly watered-down infield.

So, at the next game you go to remember the unsung heroes that make the game entertaining for you and your family.  Raise a nine-dollar beer that you just bought from Beer vendor guy, in salute to all they do for you behind the scenes and remember: Play Ball.


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