ANOTHER Former XFL Staff Member Announces New League

It looks like we’re not done yet.

Following Vince McMahon’s announcement in January that the XFL would return in 2020, Charlie Ebersol, son of NBC Sports and XFL backer Dick Ebersol, announced his own football league, the clumsily named Alliance of American Football, would begin play in 2019. Now, another major player in 2001’s XFL experiment has dropped a bombshell of his own.

Guy Williams announced today that he is also starting his own football league. Williams, a former janitor for the XFL’s head office from 2000 to 2001, took the podium to unveil his concept for the “future of football”, dubbed the League of American Football (LAF). Drawing from his years of experience on the job at the original XFL, Williams said he believes this new league “will return football to the fans,” a sentiment that certainly seems to be going around right now.

With the XFL set to begin play in 2020, and the AAF announced that it’s season will begin in 2019, the end of Williams LAF announcement was the shocker: “The best part of all,” Williams revealed, “is that the future is now! The League of American Football season begins in April 2018! We’re going to make this the most exciting, safe, approachable, interactive, and watchable league for football fans,” Williams concluded, being sure to hit all the notes as his former co-workers.

Although set to begin play in just two weeks, Williams was scarce on some of the details, but here’s what we know: Eight teams (surprise surprise) with 42 man rosters. Instead of quarters, there will be two 30-minute halfs. Special teams has been entirely done away with: There 2-point conversions are mandatory, there are no kickoffs (teams will just take the ball at the 25 yard line following a touchdown), and instead of punts, the Quarterback will heave the ball as far as he can downfield on 4th and 10, in a “500”-style mini-game.

In a significant departure from his peers, Williams announced that the League of American Football would be a publicly traded entity, “to give the fans the greatest sense of involvement.” With an IPO to be announced shortly, we’ll keep our eyes on this LAF,INC STOCK.

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