New Main Event for UFC 223 Announced

The drama surrounding UFC 223 has been never-ending.

In the past five days, Tony Ferguson, Max Holloway, Anthony Pettis, and Paul Felder have all been potential opponents for Khabib Nurmagomedov in the show’s main event. Ferguson fell victim to a cable on the ground, never saw it coming. Holloway was deemed too unhealthy by a series of out-of-shape middle-aged men. Pettis got greedy, reports say he wanted the next Burger King spot. Felder suffered the toughest loss of the four. He’s simply not famous enough.

But fear not, fight fans! After countless phone calls and negotiations, Nurmagomedov’s opponent has been found, and it’s an old foe.

Yes, Khabib and Misha II has been booked for UFC 223. The two met as young up-and-comers in 1997, where Misha won a close split decision. Nurmagomedov looks to return the favor on his way to his first UFC championship.

Nurmagomedov will have his work cut out for him, however. While he has worked to earn this spot and become one of the most popular fighters in the UFC, his new opponent has been out of the picture, just waiting for round two. Misha has been perfecting the ground game that earned a victory 21 years ago. This one could go either way, and I for one cannot wait for 25 minutes of rolling around on the ground!

This is the fight game.

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