Enhanced All Star Game

The Enhanced All Star Game is available to listen to now! Get caught up on past episodes below, and then check out the All Star Game!


On July 18th the biggest, fastest, and strongest MLB players of all time will compete in the Enhanced All Star Game, a special second All-Star game exclusively for the Major Leagues’ enhanced players. Details were originally announced by Rob Manfred in May and every week on Uncovering Sports we have been building the All Star rosters.

Catch up on the most notable moments in the build up to the All Star Game right here!

The King, The Commish, and the CouncilWhere we talk to Rob Manfred about the Announcement!

You Can Bet on it Pete! We tackle sports betting and Pete Rose joins us, with lasting implications!

We Just Made A ListAs we rank the top sports promotions, we also add our first contemporary players to the All Star roster!

Only 100 Games to Go: Our baseball midseason update gives you what’s going on in baseball, and Mike Peterson makes picks for the All Star Game!

A Home Run ReunionMark Maguire and Sammy Sosa destroy our studio with an impromptu Home Run Derby as they audition for roster spots!

The Sports-Time Continuum: We take a time machine (you heard us right!) through baseball history to grab a few all time greats at the height of their game!

All Star Aspirations: With the All Star break nearly here, we make our final roster spot decisions, recap the MLB season, and give a glimpse at the future.


Enhanced All Star Game Rosters

*Barry Bonds has not yet committed to playing and has been replaced by Melky Cabrera.


Check out the Enhanced All Star Game on Uncovering Sports July 18th!

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