The Short Porch: Vlad’s Back in the MLB

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is around the corner and those April showers should be producing flowers any day now. Fridays are the second-best day of the week, only after Saturday and solely because of the sleep-in factor. But someone will have a day to remember this Friday as Vlad Guerrero Jr, son of the future Hall of Famer Vlad Sr, gets the call to The Show and will play his first MLB game tonight. Usually there is not this much hype about a prospects debut, but this kid is no ordinary prospect.  With towering moon shots being hit at all levels of pro ball he has left many wondering how he will fair against the best of the best.

It’s hard to imagine all the emotions he must be feeling tonight once he puts on that uniform and steps onto the field.  Yesterday, I was watching the NFL draft just for the reactions of the players as they hear their names called, the reward for all those years spent toiling and struggling and working finally come to fruition. The pride in making it and realizing their goals is an amazing thing to watch.  It makes me, almost, want to get off the couch and into the gym. I said almost.

With the calendar flipping to May soon we will start to see more and more young prospects get their “cup of Coffee” in the major leagues and some may even stick with the club and become productive members of the team. But none this year will have the amount of hype and expectations heaved upon them like that that has been placed on the shoulders of a young second generation talent.  My advice to Vlad Jr. would be to just live it in the moment and try to remember every detail you can. Oh, and to club one into the upper deck! Good luck tonight Vlad Jr, it is a special time for the MLB to have a young talent starting his career tonight. Keep your eye on it, and Play Ball.

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